Paying Tribute to the Heroes of the Virden Inferno

Today, I gave a Members Statement in the House of Commons to recognize everyone who helped in putting out the fire which recently impacted the buildings and businesses on Seventh Avenue between Nelson Street and Wellington Street in Virden, Manitoba.

The entire House of Commons applauded the local first responders and volunteers who contributed in many ways, such as providing food and refreshments to all those who were dealing with the inferno.

I am incredibly proud of those who rushed to the scene and did all they could to put out the fire and stop it from spreading further.  While this was a tragedy, it shone a light on the true character of the community.  I want to personally thank each and every one who helped.  You are the unsung heroes of the day.

Full Members Statement:

Once again the firefighters of the Wallace District Fire Department answered the call and with the help of many others, put out a devastating inferno that recently engulfed Virden’s downtown.

“With volunteer firefighters from both Elkhorn and Virden Stations and with the help of a track hoe from Sparks Sand & Gravel, they stopped the fire before it could spread and do further damage to adjoining businesses.

“Mr. Speaker it cannot be repeated enough that these are volunteer firefighters.  They are everyday citizens who don’t ask for anything in return but are willing to rush to the scene of an emergency at the drop of a hat.

“It was a community effort that saved the day. 

"And I would like to recognize all that contributed: the local RCMP detachment, EMS, Brock Koop, Longshot Oilfield Services, the local Catholic Church, Boston Pizza, Chicken Chef, and the wives and spouses of the firefighters."

“They rose to the occasion to show the very best of what it means to be a Westman resident.

“Thank you for being pillars in our community.”

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