UNIFOR Puts Fuel Supplies at Risk

The illegal actions of UNIFOR, such as blockading an oil refinery and numerous fuel terminals across the prairies, is causing fuel shortages. 

In many communities, Co-op is the only fuel distributor and the illegal blockades are negatively impacting residents, farmers and small businesses. 

Despite court injunctions, UNIFOR is continuing their illegal blockades and one of their union leaders went as far as saying, “no trucks are getting in and I don’t care how many cops they send.”

During Question Period today, I asked the government to defend the rule of law and to ensure a reliable fuel supply for rural communities.  I wanted all of Parliament to hear of the union’s latest actions and how they are ignoring court injunctions.  I also spoke about the intimidation tactics being used, after it was reported that some Co-op manager’s private homes were paint-balled.  This has gone too far.  It is well within the rights of Canadians to engage in labour action, but in no uncertain terms should illegal actions be condoned.

Over the past couple of days, Co-ops across Manitoba have approached my office to make me aware that due to UNIFOR’s illegal actions, fuel is now being rationed and some communities are at risk of having no supply whatsoever. 

My colleague, Dan Mazier, Member of Parliament for Dauphin-Swan River-Neepawa said, “Many communities in my constituency are solely serviced by Federated Co-ops. The illegal actions by UNIFOR and its members are having a direct impact on our mobility as a community and a region.”

You can click here to watch me question the Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Labour on what the government is doing to ensure that these communities will be getting a reliable fuel supply as soon as possible.

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