Stop Bill C-10

Conservatives support creating a level playing field between large foreign streaming services and Canadian broadcasters, but not at the cost of Canadians’ fundamental rights and freedoms. That is why we are calling on the Trudeau Liberals to scrap the proposed changes to Bill C-10 and end their attempt to regulate social media.

Last week, the Trudeau Liberals withdrew a section of their own bill that protects individual users, and instead supported sweeping government powers to regulate Canadians on the internet, including their activity on apps and social media platforms like Youtube and Facebook.

Michael Geist, who is a Professor of Law, recently spoke out against the Liberal legislation and quite rightly pointed out that Bill C-10 would put user generated content under the auspices of CRTC. 

The Liberals are pretending they have excluded user generated content from following under the purview of CRTC, however, as Mr. Geist recently pointed out that, “it has become clear that Guilbeault and the government have misled the Canadian public with their response. In fact, the government effectively acknowledges that it is regulating user generated content in a forthcoming, still-secret amendment to Bill C-10.”

Mr. Geist when even further when he said, “This is a remarkable and dangerous step in an already bad piece of legislation. The government believes that it should regulate all user generated content, leaving it to regulator to determine on what terms and conditions will be attached the videos of millions of Canadians on sites like Youtube, Instagram, TikTok, and hundreds of other services.” 

Experts have slammed this misguided decision by the Trudeau Liberals. Peter Menzies, the former commissioner of the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC), says this is a ‘full-blown assault’ on free expression and ‘the foundations of democracy.’

With these changes to the legislation, there is clear proof the Liberals are targeting everyday Canadians who use their phones. This is unacceptable in a society that values its freedom.

Canadians expect the government to protect their freedoms, not invade them. Canada’s Conservatives will always stand up for the freedoms of individual internet users in Canada.

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