Standing Up for Westman's Law Abiding Firearm Owners

In the fall, I took the Firearms Safety Course for both my PAL and RPAL.

I would encourage all Members of Parliament to do the same, to gain a better understanding of the current firearm laws and regulations.

I felt it was necessary to prepare for the upcoming debate on firearms that I knew the Liberals wanted to campaign on.

As predicted, Liberal campaign flyers aimed to spread fear and erroneous information about current firearms regulations appeared in our mailboxes in Brandon.

We knew the Liberals would use firearms to divide Canadians, and now they are unfairly and, in my view, unwisely going after Canadians who follow gun laws and regulations.

I have received countless letters, emails and calls about the Liberal’s misguided plan to go after law-abiding firearms owners.

Many are from Veterans, law enforcement members, and sport shooters.

Let me be crystal clear: law-abiding firearm owners are not the problem - criminals and gangs are.

The Liberal's plan to use regulations to expropriate law-abiding firearm owners' property is misguided and won’t prevent violent crime.

Make no mistake, the money they plan on spending on this ill-thought-out proposal would be far better spent in targeting illegal gun owners through crime prevention initiatives.

We have proposed real solutions to stop crime and gun violence.

Tougher sentences for violent gang crime, a $12 million investment in the Youth Gang Prevention Fund, and creating a CBSA firearms smuggling task force are all solutions we propose that would prevent crime and not infringe on the rights of legal gun owners.

I will oppose the Liberals every step of the way and I will never waver in my support for the law-abiding firearm owners of Westman.

If you would like to join me, please click HERE to sign the e-petition that opposes the Liberal plan that will prohibit certain firearms that are currently owned by law abiding Canadian residents.

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