Speech from the Throne

Canadians gave our Conservative Government a mandate two years ago, a mandate to support job creation, keep taxes low and help make our streets and communities safer. With the support of our Economic Action Plan, Canada has created approximately one million net new jobs since the depths of the global economic recession, the best job-creation record in the G7. Yet, the job isn't done. Our natural wealth, sound finances and the ingenuity of Canadians are aligned to create Canada's moment. We must seize that moment and build on what Canada has accomplished.

That's why the Speech from the Throne, delivered by Governor General David Johnston, lays out our Government's priorities for this session of Parliament. Our Conservative Government will build on our record, supporting economic growth and jobs for Canadians. We will take new steps to support and protect Canadian families. And we will always put Canada first.

To help promote jobs and opportunity, we will continue to implement our Economic Action Plan. We will spend responsibly and balance the budget in 2015. We will introduce legislation requiring balanced budgets during normal economic times. We'll continue to reform the Temporary Foreign Workers program to ensure that Canadians always have the first chance at available jobs. We will conclude negotiations on a comprehensive trade agreement with the European Union with the potential to create tens of thousands of new jobs. And we'll continue to expand trade, opening new markets in Asia and the Americas.

To support Canadian families, we will put consumers first and work to increase choice. We all know the annoyance of paying for expensive packages of channels you don't watch, for the sake of one or two you do - or else doing without. That's why we will require unbundling, so Canadian families can choose which channels they want to pay for.

We'll address high roaming costs on cellphone bills, which are currently among the highest in Canada. By ensuring there are at least four competing companies in every region and other measures, we will work to increase choice and reduce costs.

Our Conservative Government will also work to combat geographic price discrimination, to help bring prices in Canada in line with those in the United States.

We will work to better protect Canadians families, putting victims first and introducing a comprehensive Victims Bill of Rights. We will also introduce legislation to combat cyberbullying, to help protect our children from a threat that can reach into their homes.

In addition, our Government is committed to putting Canada first. We will protect both Canadians and Canadian sovereignty. This includes ensuring our military has the tools it needs. We will also look to our country's 150th anniversary, a chance to celebrate our heritage and our values of democracy, respect for human rights, and the rule of law.

In this session of Parliament, Canadians can count on our Conservative Government to build on our record and continue to deliver on our commitments. We will remain on course for long-term economic prosperity. We will put consumers first, expanding choice and reducing costs. And we will always put Canada first, celebrating and defending our country.

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