Calling for Emergency Meeting on PEDv

Today I wrote to the Chair of the House of Commons Agriculture and Agri-Food Committee to request that an emergency meeting be held on the recent outbreak of Porcine Epidemic Diarrhea Virus (PEDv).

I have asked that the Committee bring forward the Manitoba Pork Council, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency, and other stakeholders to work collaboratively before PEDv has the ability to threaten the livelihoods of anymore farm families.

It is imperative the federal government work alongside the Manitoba Pork Council to contain this terrible disease before it spreads further.  The pork industry in Manitoba supports countless farm families and is a major economic driver in rural communities.

Last week I took the Liberal Minister of Agriculture to task during Question Period for his inaction on this file.  However, during the Minister’s answer it was apparent he did not understand the nature of PEDv.  

I am calling on the Liberal government to reintroduce the biosecurity measures that they eliminated last year.  I would like to see livestock transport trailers be allowed to have their trailers washed and disinfected in disease-free, certified Canadian facilities, instead of being forced to use American facilities where PEDv is widespread. 

I will continue to press the Liberal government on working with pork producers.

It’s becoming clear the Liberals in Ottawa do not place a heavy emphasis on rural Manitoba concerns.  I will hold them to account and ensure that our issues are heard loud and clear in Parliament.


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