PBO Reveals Cost of Border Crossers

The PBO has released a new report on the cost of irregular migration across Canada's border.  The report found that the border crossers cost the taxpayers $340 million in 2017-18, $368 million this year, and if similar numbers come across next year, it will cost another $396 million.

It is projected to cost at least $1.1 billion in just these three fiscal years, while costs will only continue to go up as the wait times to be processed through the Immigration Refugee Board have ballooned.

These numbers are just the federal government’s expenses and they exclude the hundreds of millions of dollars being borne by provincial governments for housing and welfare payments.

The PBO outlined in his report that the average cost per asylum claim will grow from $14,321 to $16,666 by 2019-20, as the backlog continues to grow.

The reason for this increased cost, is that the longer asylum claimants are in the country while waiting for their refugee hearing, they are eligible for various government services.

Moreover, as asylum claimants are denied by the Immigration and Refugee Board, the individual can appeal that decision which could send the cost up to $33,738.

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