Parliament of Canada Salutes the People of Virden & Area

Today the House of Commons paid tribute to all those who helped stranded travellers and truckers in Virden after the Trans-Canada Highway was closed due to the blizzard in December.

Maguire said, "It was with great pride to see the House of Commons celebrate and recognize all those who volunteered their time and resources.  The warmth and generosity of Virden and area residents is truly remarkable."

The Members Statement delivered by Larry Maguire, MP:

Mr. Speaker, I rise today to pay tribute to some regular folks who once again rose to the occasion and showed the very best of what it means to be Canadian.

During a two day blizzard in the middle of December, the Trans-Canada Highway was closed and dozens upon dozens of travelers and truckers were stranded in the Town of Virden.

After the hotels were full, the town opened its doors and provided food and shelter to those in need.

In fact one of those stranded travelers was renowned Canadian artist Tom Jackson, who put on an impromptu concert to make the best of a bad situation.

In particular I would like to recognize the Mayor and Town staff, Westman Emergency Group, the Virden RCMP detachment, the Wallace District Fire Department, Prairie Mountain Health and especially the people of the Town of Virden who showed great compassion to those in need.

On behalf of all Members in this House, I salute each and every one who helped and for proving once again why the word “friendly” is just not another phrase on a license plate, but is a way of life in Manitoba.”

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