Should the Lyrics to O Canada be Changed?



As you may have heard, I voted against the Liberal Private Members Bill to change the lyrics of O Canada.

The legislation would change the line, “in all thy sons command” to “in all of us command”.

After voting against the legislation, I heard from many local residents who agreed with my position: Our national anthem is not broken. 

The intent of the legislation is well meaning, as we want Canadian symbols and identities to be as inclusive as they can possibly be.

However, at committee we heard from Dr. Chris Champion, a Canadian historian, who stated that the term “thy sons” in the context that it was written, is already inclusive and gender neutral.

He said that in English literature, going back to Shakespeare and the authorized Bible in the music of Handel, and in the hymns that almost all English Canadians sang for almost 200 years, the word “sons” properly understood in context, commonly did not refer only to men.

Now as the legislation will soon be voted on in the Senate, I am encouraging you to please fill out the survey below and share your views.

Your voice has a right to be heard!

What are your thoughts: Should the lyrics change or should they remain the same?

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