Maguire Seconds Bill to Exempt Farmers from the Carbon Tax

While the Liberal government and the Minister of Agriculture continue to stall on exempting farmers from the carbon tax for such things as drying grain, our Conservative caucus has taken the initiative to introduce legislation to do just that.

After an unseasonably wet harvest, Westman farmers had to dry almost all their grain and as a result, are paying the carbon tax.

There are no substitutes for propane or natural gas for drying grain and these fuel sources are not exempt from the Liberal carbon tax within the agricultural sector, as are gasoline and diesel.

I understand the challenges facing agricultural producers and I recently stood up in Parliament to ask the Liberal government to act.

It was clear from the Minister of Agriculture’s response that they were not prepared to make the necessary changes.

I officially seconded Bill C-206, which was introduced by Philip Lawrence, Conservative MP for Northumberland-Peterborough South, Ontario.

If passed, this bill will exempt qualifying farmers from paying the Liberal carbon tax on gasoline, diesel fuel, propane and natural gas, saving them tens of thousands of dollars a year on farming operations.

I was elected to get results and stand up for Westman at every turn.

While we may only be in opposition, that won’t stop us from putting forward solutions to the challenges our constituents face.

Bill C-206 will help farmers save millions of dollars in unnecessary taxation and recognizes the positive contribution of farmers to the natural environment.

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