Maguire Announces Fisheries Funding for Plum Creek

Souris, MB - Larry Maguire, Member of Parliament for Brandon-Souris announced up to $47,570 through the Recreational Fisheries Partnership Program to rehabilitate Plum Creek to repair damage to the fish habit and the creek channel caused by the floods of 2011 and 2014. The Recreational Fisheries Conservation Partnerships Program forms a key component of the Government of Canada's conservation agenda to better protect and promote recreational fisheries.

"Many anglers, including myself have fond memories of fishing at Plum Creek in Victoria Park," said Maguire. "This fishing hole is not only well used by local anglers, but it's great for Souris' economy as it brings tourists and fishing enthusiasts from across the region. I am pleased our Government is partnering with local anglers, the municipality, and Conservation District to improve the fishing habitat so it can be enjoyed for generations to come."

The funding will be used to improve access, enhance safety, and provide long-term shoreline stabilization on Plum Creek. The project also includes the removal of obstructions, including the remainder of the manmade instream rubble dam, and shale and gravel deposits. Furthermore, the project includes reinforcing and stabilizing the creek banks using riparian planting of native grasses and trees. By restoring the compromised fishing habitat, this project will help support more productive fisheries and by extension, increased fishing opportunities.

Brent Fallis from the Municipality of Souris-Glenwood said, "The high water flows of 2011 and 2014 caused irrepressible damage to Victoria Park and the Plum Creek shoreline as it flows through Souris. This project will remove the instream manmade rubble dam that has created an obstruction for fish passage and will restore the creek channel."

Healthy and sustainable recreational fisheries are of great social and economic importance to Canada. According to the 2010 Survey of Recreational Fishing in Canada, more than 3.3 million adult anglers participated in recreational fishing activities in Canada. These activities contributed a total of $8.3 billion to various local economies.

Darryl Jackson, Mayor of the Municipality of Souris-Glenwood also welcomed the funding announcement and said, "We are pleased to receive this money to help rebuild shoreline along Plum Creek."

The program has been very successful, funding more than 280 projects and investing nearly $16 million since its launch in 2013. The program has excelled at bringing together like-minded partners and their resources to restore, rebuild and rehabilitate recreational fisheries habitat across Canada. As a result, the Government is extending the program to continue its support for the conservation of recreational fisheries across the country.

Maguire concluded, "I am thrilled that we are able to move this project forward. I want to extend my thanks to all the volunteers from the Souris Park Board, Glenwood Game and Fish and everyone from the Municipality who pours their heart and soul into the community. By working together we are getting results for Westman!"

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