Liberals Shut Down Parliament

It was less than a week ago that Justin Trudeau said he had full confidence in Bill Morneau. The Prime Minister knew he couldn’t outright fire his Finance Minister for his ethical lapses, because then he would have to throw himself overboard as well.

In the last couple of days, the Liberals started to leak stories to the media about Bill Morneau. They were laying the groundwork in order to give him the heave-ho.

No one buys the argument that Bill Morneau left on his own volition. We are in the worst economic storm in history, and the government still hasn’t tabled a budget.

Scapegoating Bill Morneau does not solve the problem. Let’s be clear, as long as Justin Trudeau is Prime Minister, the ethical lapses will continue.

On the larger issue of the Liberals shutting down Parliament, this is in direct contrast of their platform commitment to “not resort to legislative tricks to avoid scrutiny.”

But that’s exactly what they are doing.

Now both the Finance and Ethics Committees can no longer meet due to their prorogation of Parliament.

These committees were doing an in-depth investigation into the Liberal’s WE scandal, and they were clearly getting too close to the truth, as why would the Prime Minister need to shut them down, other than to shut them up.

And on the same day the Liberals shut down Parliament, thousands of pages of internal government records related to the WE scandal were released as requested by MPs on the Finance Committee. Unsurprisingly, the documents were heavily redacted.

Despite the extensive redaction, the documents show the Prime Minister and the former Finance Minister plowed ahead to give a soul source contract to WE charity without proper oversights – further solidifying what we’ve suspected for weeks.

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