Liberal's Don't Want Voters to Have a Direct Say on Electoral Reform

Lots of folks have shared with me their concerns that the Liberals are going to unilaterally change the way we elect our governments - that is, without a referendum asking what you think.

You may have also heard different proposals being floated around such as introducing proportional representation or a ranked ballot.

While both options would dramatically change how candidates get elected, the Liberals have ruled out letting Canadians have their voices heard through a referendum. Instead, they think letting politicians talk amongst themselves is enough. I wholeheartedly disagree.

If the Liberal government wants to make a fundamental change to our country's voting system, the process must not be dominated by one political party's interests. When you invent a new way to elect our representatives, everyone should get their say.

You might also be interested into know that every time a government has brought forward a proposal to change the way we elect our representatives, it has been defeated by the people through a referendum. The Liberals know this, and are trying to bypass the people in their attempt to ram through their own legislative agenda.

I will fight this illegitimate and condescending Liberal approach every step of the way and demand that all Canadians have a voice through a referendum.

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