Liberal Campground Tax Hike


This week I stood up for the permanent residents of Meadowlark Campground & RV Park in Question Period, to challenge a tax change that was brought in by the Liberal government that could put the business at risk by tripling their taxes.  I am also going to bat for the numerous campground owners across Westman who are deeply concerned what this Liberal tax hike will mean for their businesses.

The Liberals are desperate for new revenues and are nickel and diming Westman residents.  It is absolutely demoralizing for folks living in the Meadowlark Campground & RV Park to see their business and homes be threatened. I won't stay silent while Justin Trudeau continues to raise taxes that financially hurt Westman residents.

The reason this tax hike might have a drastic impact on the residents of Meadowlark Campground & RV Park, is that they formed a co-op ownership model after purchasing the property from the previous owners.  They use the campground profits to pay down their loan for the property.  If their profits will be eaten up by increased taxes, the actions of the Liberal government threaten the viability of their business and their homes.

This Liberal tax hike also will take some serious money out of the pockets of other Westman campground owners. They have decided to classify campgrounds in the same category as rental properties (i.e. passive businesses) so if they have less than 5 employees, they end up paying more than three times as much tax as other small businesses. This decision could affect any business with less than 5 employees.

Campgrounds aren’t the only small businesses that are affected by this decision.  Owners of mini-storage facilities and small commercial properties are also being hurt by this unfair Liberal interpretation.  When Conservative MP, Blake Richards, stood in the House of Commons to ask the Minister of National Revenue why her government was punishing these small businesses, she simply replied that small businesses need to pay “their fair share” of tax.

Small businesses are the backbone of the Canadian economy, but they can’t seem to catch a break with this government.  First, the Liberals broke their election promise to reduce the small business tax rate to 9 percent, and then they imposed a CPP premium increase which will reduce the opportunity for small businesses to hire more employees.  And now they are further harming some businesses just for being too “small”. 

The Liberals need to start helping small businesses instead of overtaxing them. I will always stand up against such regressive changes and fight for the people of Westman.



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