Liberal Defence Minister Refuses to Provide Specifics on Canada's Mission to Combat ISIS

In an interview this weekend, Liberal Defence Minister Harjit Sajjan repeatedly refused to provide specifics on the nature, scope and timing of the changes to Canada's mission to combat ISIS.

After campaigning on a promise to unilaterally withdraw our fighter jets from the anti-ISIS bombing mission without consulting our coalition allies, the government has failed to explain how pulling our CF-18 fighter jets out of the fight against ISIS is helpful to our international partners.

The Liberal plan for Canada's mission against ISIS has been indecisive, incoherent and confusing for our allies and Canadians.

Just ten weeks into the Liberal government's mandate, Canada is losing influence among its coalition partners. Two weeks ago, when the most significant contributors to the mission to defeat ISIS met in Paris, Canada was not even invited to take a seat at the table.

While our coalition partners are stepping up their efforts to degrade and defeat ISIS, the Trudeau government is stepping back. Our country risks leaving itself missing in action in the fight against this despicable medieval cult.

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