Letter to the Editor: Let Her Speak

There is a coverup going on in Parliament and the Prime Minister is going to great lengths to stop the truth from coming out. 

On top of that, Liberal operatives have now leaked confidential information on the selection of a Supreme Court Justice to cast doubt on former Attorney General Jody Wilson-Raybould’s judgement. This level of potential political interference from the Prime Minister’s Office damages our democratic institutions and their ludicrous behavior, as Paul Wells recently said in a Macleans article, “this is the very stuff of a police state.”

I am also extremely disappointed with the five Liberal MPs on the Justice Committee who shut down the investigation into the alleged political interference with the former Attorney General. Due to her extraordinary testimony, it is unfathomable why the Prime Minister won’t permit her to answer direct questions regarding meetings and interactions after he removed her as the Minister of Justice, which she herself acknowledged are relevant to the matter at hand. 

It boggles the mind why the Prime Minister is refusing to waive solicitor-client privilege and cabinet confidence as it only drags this scandal on even longer. It has been going on for weeks, over shadowed his budget and is ripping apart the Liberal caucus.  It begs the question, if he thinks it’s better to take the political heat for this, he must be really worried what his two former Ministers want to say.

Every day we learn information about how the Liberals inappropriately pressured Jody Wilson-Raybould.  Now Jane Philpott, who resigned from Trudeau’s cabinet, revealed there is still more evidence that must be released.

I firmly believe by not getting to the truth, it would be a grave misjustice to the rule of law and to the democratic principles that we were elected to uphold. In a recent speech to Parliament, I urged my colleagues to check their political allegiances at the door and vote in favour of our motion to let Jody Wilson-Raybould speak. While almost every Liberal MP voted it down, there were a few who refused to be whipped against the motion.

Those in high office are not beyond reproach. Members of Parliament are not elected to protect the Prime Minister, nor should their political survival, or even our own political futures, trump the independence of an Attorney General.

It is time for Liberal MPs to rise to the occasion and put aside their political fidelities. I will continue to implore them to join us in calling for the Prime Minister to waive full solicitor-client privilege and all Cabinet confidences and let Jody Wilson-Raybould finish her testimony. Canadians deserve the truth.

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Larry Maguire, MP

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