Letter to the Editor

Fight for Brandon-Souris Continues
(Larry's Letter to the Editor, republished from the Brandon Sun, November 2, 2015)

I want to thank the people of Brandon-Souris for once again trusting me to represent our region in the House of Commons. I pledge to continue my work with Westman's provincial, municipal, business and community leaders over the next four years to make sure that your voice is heard in Ottawa and our region continues to benefit from federal investment.

Secondly, I want to thank Jodi Wyman, Melissa Wastasecoot and David Neufeld for putting their names on the ballot. I commend them for their commitment to our country and their passion to pass down a stronger Canada than the one we inherited. I firmly believe that Canadian democracy is strengthened when various ideas are put forward and debated.

While the national election result was not what I was hoping for, my zeal for public service is stronger than ever. I can say that I am extremely proud of what has been accomplished here in Westman over the 22 months since I was first elected as MP.

The outgoing Conservative government's commitment to strengthening local communities is demonstrated by many construction projects going on in municipalities across Brandon-Souris. Our work to tear down old trade barriers has and will continue to open new markets for Westman goods and services. I'm particularly thrilled with the investments that we made at Assiniboine Community College and Brandon University.

And most of all, I am proud of our record of leaving more money in the pockets of hard-working Westman residents rather than in the hands of government.

Going forward, I believe that we cannot let partisan politics stand in the way of encouraging more economic growth here in Westman. On Nov. 4, Manitobans will find out which Liberal MP or MPs from Winnipeg will be tasked with representing our province in Justin Trudeau's cabinet.

As soon as we do find out, I will be writing to invite the new minister or ministers to visit Brandon-Souris at their earliest opportunity to meet with community leaders and start a discussion about how we can all work together across party lines to advance the best interests of our region.

In the House of Commons, you can be confident that I will remain committed to supporting policies that encourage job creation and decrease the federal tax burden on seniors and working families. I will also continue to work with local veterans to improve the services and programs they and their families rely on.

Finally, I want to remind everyone that my office continues to offer assistance to all Brandon-Souris constituents regarding questions or concerns with federal programs. As always, we will engage residents on legislation and seek the views of everyday Canadians in our capacity as the Official Opposition.

I will fight for Westman at every turn because that is why you elected me. I will not let you down.

Larry Maguire, MP-elect

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