Larry Maguire Announces Flood Protection Funding for the Town of Reston thanks to Government Partnership

Reston, MB - Officials from three levels of government were present today in Reston, to announce funding for a new flood protection project. Residents of this community in the Rural Municipality of Pipestone will soon benefit from additional safety measures for their families and belongings thanks to this flood mitigation initiative.

"Our Government is pleased to work with the Province of Manitoba to provide essential flood protection measures for the Town of Reston. The project will help protect residents by reducing flooding and its impacts for years to come," said Larry Maguire, Member of Parliament for Brandon-Souris.

In June 2013, the residents of Reston were hit twice with flooding in less than a week. In summer 2014, flooding caused water in some areas to reach more than one metre deep. Washed out and closed roads, sewage backups and lost crops led to a state of emergency being declared.

Fortunately, the Town of Reston will benefit from the Community Dikes Initiative, which provides joint federal and provincial funding for new flood mitigation infrastructure in flood prone communities across Manitoba. The project announced today will include the construction of dikes at the west end of the community. The dike is designed to protect 30 existing residential homes from future flooding.

"I'm pleased that we are able to collaborate with both the federal and provincial governments to improve upon our flood protection infrastructure," said Archie McPherson, Reeve of the Rural Municipality of Pipestone. "This project is an important step in making sure our community is prepared to handle future flooding."

This is the fourth jointly funded flood mitigation project announced by Maguire since elected in the Fall of 2013. The other flood mitigation projects were upgrades to the City of Brandon flood protection system and in the RM of Cornwallis, the construction of a permanent dike on Plum Creek and the Souris River in the Town of Souris and a new dike for the Town of Melita.

In addition, Maguire has championed the Assiniboine River Basin Commission and has promoted the National Wetland Conservation Fund as ways to mitigate against future flooding.

"I will continue to work hard and get results for southwestern Manitoba. I will always stand up for the many unique challenges facing our communities and be a strong voice for our region," concluded Maguire.

Quick Facts

  • For the Reston initiative, the Governments of Canada and Manitoba will provide a joint contribution of up to $990,000 towards eligible costs through the Provincial-Territorial Base Fund, under the Community Dikes Initiative.

  • The municipal contribution will amount to $110,000 for a total initiative cost of $1,100,000.

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