Justin Trudeau's Budget is a Massive Letdown for Canadians

The Liberal’s budget is what we all expected, a lot of new spending with zero plan to pay for it.

Anytime a government goes this far into debt, it is completely irresponsible to not have a roadmap to get their fiscal house back in order.

With this latest budget, every family’s share of the national debt is $77,000.

Spending like this is unsustainable. There’s no way to sugar-coat that.

If we want to have the necessary funding in the future for healthcare, roads, schools, Canadian Armed Forces, Veterans, and senior’s benefits, we must properly budget for it.

The interest payments alone on our debt are expected to hit almost $40 billion in the next few years.

With that said, there are some elements in this budget that I support, such as extending the wage subsidy and rent assist programs. However, let us not forget the reason why provinces are in lockdown and businesses are closed is because the Liberals failed to procure a reliable supply of vaccines.

I also support the rebate to farmers for the carbon tax; however, I want to see it completely removed.

It is important to highlight that just mere months ago the Minister of Agriculture said the costs borne by farmers were negligible.

With our Conservative legislation to completely exempt farmers from the carbon tax making its way through Parliament, it wasn’t surprising the Liberals finally took this long-overdue action.

While it’s good the Liberals are wanting to support businesses and workers, the reason they are still financially hurting is that not enough vaccines were procured, and many of the shipments we did pay for have been delayed.

We also recently found out that we paid double for one of the vaccines compared to other western nations.

I wanted to see a clear plan to get our economy up and running again. While there are new initiatives in the budget, there were very few details, and we don’t know who will be eligible or what the terms and conditions will be.

I wanted to see a commitment to get energy projects back on track. Tens of billions of dollars of investment have left the country.

With the loss of those projects also went the jobs associated with it. Under the Liberals, we have become a country where it is almost next to impossible to build anything, and our energy workers and their families are paying the price.

I wanted to see a plan to harness our agricultural sector and get more value-added jobs created right here at home. We grow and produce some of the finest agricultural goods and we should capitalize on Canada’s reputation of being a world-class food producer.

We need to ensure markets remain open, our farmers remain competitive, and that our infrastructure allows for their products to be quickly transported, shipped, or trucked.

In the coming days, we will go through this 700-page document and get a better understanding of all these new spending initiatives.

We will be offering amendments to the government and we will also do our job as the Official Opposition to ask the tough questions and provide the necessary scrutiny that this massive spending plan deserves.

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