Illegal Border Crossings

Manitoba Conservative Caucus Concerned about Surge in Illegal Border Crossings from Asylum-Seekers.

Earlier today, Members of the federal Manitoba Conservative caucus issued the following statement:

“Our caucus is deeply concerned about the recent spike in illegal border crossings near Emerson, MB. Not only is it extremely dangerous for those illegally crossing in freezing temperatures, it also compromises the integrity of our border.  Canada is a safe and welcoming country, but we must also take steps to protect our border and ensure the process for entering our country is consistent and fair for all seeking refuge in Canada.”

“Immigration is foundational to who we are as Canadians. Immigrants and refugees from all over the world have greatly added to Canada's success and prosperity. The current situation, however, rewards those that are entering Canada illegally and acts as a disincentive to proceed through the fair, legitimate application process.”

“There’s reason to believe that the number of illegal crossings from asylum-seekers will continue to grow.  While asylum-seekers may have good reasons to cross the border, our system should encourage all claimants to go through the proper channels.”

“We call on the Liberal government to enforce the laws of Canada and utilize all legal means to strengthen the security of our border.  The Government of Canada must respect the Canada-US Safe Third Country Agreement.”

“Canada Border Services Agency and the RCMP must implement policies which deter this illegal behaviour and immediately return those who are attempting to jump the queue back to the United States.”

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