Grain Drying Must be Exempt from the Liberal Carbon Tax

Dan Mazier and I are teaming up to call on the Liberal government to immediately exempt farmers from paying the carbon tax to dry their grain and to reimburse the taxes collected to date.

We want to see this change before the House of Commons rises for the Christmas break.

This year’s harvest was incredibly challenging for our farmers.

Between the rain and snow, almost every farmer had to dry their grain.

While the Liberal government promised that farmers would be shielded from paying their carbon tax, they have been forced to pay the tax on the fuel needed to dry grain.

This extra cost only exacerbates the financial strain on farm families, particularly due to falling commodity prices, a rail strike, markets being shut and a very difficult harvest.

Farm organizations such as the Keystone Agricultural Producers and the Western Canadian Wheat Growers Association are also calling for the carbon tax to be removed from the fuel used to dry grain.

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