Governor General’s Awards in Commemoration of the Persons Case

Canadians have until July 3 to submit nominations for the Governor General’s Awards in Commemoration of the Persons Case 

I am calling for nominations for the 2017 Governor General's Awards in Commemoration of the Persons Case. Each year, these awards recognize five individuals, from across Canada and including youth, who have made outstanding contributions in the pursuit of gender equality.

The Persons Case, was a constitutional ruling that established the right of women to be appointed to the Senate. In 1928, the Supreme Court of Canada ruled that women were not “persons” according to the British North America Act and therefore were ineligible for appointment to the Senate. However, the women appealed to the Privy Council of England, which in 1929 reversed the Court’s decision, thus opening the Upper House to women and enabling them to be able to work for change in both Houses of Parliament.

Gender equality includes the opportunity to participate in democratic and public life, the opportunity to achieve economic security and the opportunity to live free from violence. Recognizing the achievements of individuals that are helping to advance equal rights for women and girls is essential as their successes can inspire others to make a difference.

The Governor General’s Awards in Commemoration of the Persons Case are a great opportunity to recognize individuals who actively work to improve circumstances for women and girls in Westman.

While nominations are accepted all year, the deadline for nominating someone for the 2017 awards is July 3rd, 2017. To learn more, visit:

In Westman we know that gender equality matters – for our economy, for our families and for our society. Improvement doesn’t happen on its own, it takes persistence, commitment and sustained effort. The people of Westman work every day to do just that. Nominate a neighbour, colleague, or friend for a Persons Case Award by July 3.


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