Funding Announced for Terry Fox Memorial Park at Pelican Lake

I was in Ninette last week to announce federal funding to make major upgrades to Terry Fox Memorial Park located at Pelican Lake. The park’s organizing committee is receiving over $32,000 through the Government of Canada’s Enabling Accessibility Fund (EAF) to improve accessibility for seniors and those with disabilities.

The EAF is a federal grants and contributions program that supports capital costs of construction and renovations related to improving physical accessibility and safety for people with disabilities in communities and workplaces.

The project consists of building an accessible concrete pad in the parking lot so that a handi-van or bus will now be able to easily unload a wheelchair or scooter.  The concrete pad will then connect to the existing restroom and will also connect with a new concrete sidewalk.  In addition, the funding will go towards a new accessible picnic table so those in a wheelchair or scooter can be accommodated. 

The Terry Fox Memorial Park Committee, a sub-committee of the RM of Prairie Lakes, is a local committee dedicated to maintaining and improving the Terry Fox Memorial Park and their primary objectives are to keep the park clean and tidy, maintain the beach and parking lot, and implement projects that add to the park’s usability and enjoyability for residents and visitors.

Trevor Maguire, a member of the park committee said, “We are looking forward to working with our local volunteers to make Terry Fox Memorial Park more accessible to all visitors by providing connected concrete surfaces throughout the park.”

Volunteer groups and non-profit organizations are instrumental in getting projects like this completed.  Growing up in rural Manitoba, you understand the importance of volunteers and community run organizations.  Without a doubt, they are the unsung heroes who pour their heart and soul into their communities. I cannot say enough about how great it is to work with everyone from both the Park Committee and the RM.

This project will transform the park into an outdoor recreational space that can be enjoyed by all.  I salute all the volunteers from the organizing committee and the staff from the municipality who are making this project a reality.  By working together we are making a lasting difference in your community and getting results for Westman.  Terry Fox Park will continue to grow and people from far and wide will enjoy these major upgrades.

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