Fighters Should Remain

Today, the Liberals announced that Canada is withdrawing from its air-combat role in the fight against ISIS. I believe that this is a terrible mistake, and that our CF-18s should continue to fly.

Even though our CF-18s have successfully bombed ISIS fighting positions, weapon caches, training facilities, and IED factories, our fighter pilots are now being told that their assistance is no longer wanted.

As has been said before, it has never been the Canadian way to shirk our responsibility. It has never been the Canadian way to turn our backs on our allies and to only do the most praiseworthy of actions.

While millions of people have been displaced and torn from their families, our Liberal government has decided to step back. It has stepped back in the name of political expediency, rather than do what needs to be done to defend and protect those living under the crippling weight of ISIS rule.

It is paramount that the government stands shoulder-to-shoulder with our allies to defend and protect the safety and security of Canadians both here and abroad.

Let us think of our courageous allies who have pledged to up their commitments and think of how Canada will be viewed when our CF-18s are sent home because of some ill thought-out platform promise that got in the way of what is right and decent.

Let us think of those who are being slaughtered and tortured. This is not the time for yielding. This is the time for action.

Do you think our CF-18 pilots should stay in the air fight against ISIS?

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