Federal Gas Tax Fund Investments Continue to Benefit the City of Brandon

Brandon, MB - Residents of the City of Brandon and Westman as a whole will benefit from Gas Tax Funds for projects such as upgrading the Sportsplex Pool, enhancements to the wastewater treatment plant, new traffic lights, better transit service, and other projects, thanks to the Federal Government's investments in local infrastructure. In 2015-2016, the City of Brandon is receiving $2,773,118 through the Gas Tax Fund and since 2006, the city has benefited from $19,613,652 from the fund to support local infrastructure that touches our lives every day.

"Getting results for Westman is my number one priority and our Government has a tremendous track record of making historic infrastructure investments in our region," said Maguire. "We understand that by building stronger communities and modernizing our infrastructure, we are creating jobs and enhancing our quality of life. And most of all, we are building a better Canada for future generations."

The City of Brandon will use federal Gas Tax Funds for the following projects in 2015-2016:

  • $2 million for Sportsplex Pool upgrades

  • $2 million for street reconstructions at various locations

  • $1.85 million for replacing four transit buses

  • $400,000 for Pacific Avenue extension from 22nd Street to 26th Street

  • $345,000 for new sidewalks at various locations

  • $300,000 for Wastewater Treatment Plant facility upgrades (new air diffusers)

  • $285,000 for new traffic signals at 13th Street and Park Avenue

Since 2006, the Federal Government has invested over $1.2 billion in new infrastructure projects through the Building Canada Plan across Manitoba and over the next decade there will be another $1.2 billion invested across the province.

These projects are just some of the many examples of federally supported projects through the Building Canada Plan that will positively impact our community. Projects like the soon to be started airport terminal expansion project, the enhancements to Brandon's flood protection system and the new YMCA and Brandon University Healthy Living Centre. These projects are generating economic growth and creating jobs to ensure that Westman remains among the best places in the world to live and have helped make the City of Brandon what it is today.

Since 2006, the Federal Government has made significant improvements to the Gas Tax Fund, providing long-term, stable infrastructure funding to Canadian communities:

  • In 2007 it was extended through its original program end date to 2014,

  • In 2008 it was doubled from $1 billion to $2 billion annually,

  • In 2011 it was legislated as a permanent source of funding,

  • In 2013 it was indexed at 2% per year, and

  • In 2014 it was made more flexible with the addition of 11 categories.

Eligible investment categories under the Gas Tax Fund include: drinking water; wastewater; solid waste; public transit; local roads and bridges; community energy systems; capacity building; disaster mitigation; broadband connectivity; highways; short-line rail; brownfield redevelopment; regional and local airports; and projects supporting culture, tourism, sport and recreation.

Maguire concluded, "By working together we are getting results for Westman. Let's continue to seize our moment and build a stronger country than we inherited."

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