Conservative Bill to Exempt Farmers from Carbon Tax Passes Second Reading

Parliament voted in favour of Conservative MP Philip Lawrence’s Private Member’s Bill (Bill C-206) at second reading, which will provide a full exemption on all farm fuels, including natural gas and propane from the Liberal carbon tax. 

The legislation received bipartisan support, other than the Liberal government, who voted against the bill.

I seconded this bill and have been working with my colleagues to get the bill through Parliament.  This is the second Conservative led bill to recently pass second reading that will positively impact Westman farmers, as my own Private Member’s Bill to lower taxes on family farms and qualifying small business transfers has now been sent to Finance Committee. 

I was elected to get results for the people of Westman and exempting farmers from the Liberal carbon tax is at the top of my list.  After an incredibly wet harvest in 2019, farmers have been asking the Liberal government to exempt them from the carbon tax and the Liberals ignored them every step of the way.

Since the Liberals imposed a carbon tax, numerous Westman farmers have contacted my office to outline how they had to dry almost all their grain from the 2019 harvest and as a result, had to pay the carbon tax.  As there are no substitutes for propane or natural gas for drying grain, the only way to provide relief will be to change the legislation to exempt them.

Now that C-206 has passed second reading, it will be sent to the Agriculture Committee to study the legislation.  Witnesses and stakeholders will be able to present evidence on how the carbon tax has impacted farmers and the agricultural sector. 

Having farmed, I understand the challenges facing producers. Instead of waiting for the Liberals to table legislation to fix this, I will continue to work with my colleagues to get this legislation through Parliament and enacted into law.

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