Conservative Party Internship Program

Are you interested to know about how Parliament works? Every summer, the Conservative Party organizes an internship program in Ottawa and immerses students into Member of Parliament's and Minister's offices.

In the program you will learn how Members of Parliament study legislation, assist constituents and prepare for committee meetings. You will have an opportunity to meet Ministers and officers of Parliament who play an integral role in our Parliamentary process.

Interns are hired in a political office where they work 40 hours a week. The Conservative Internship Program is demanding. It is also one of the best opportunities available to Canadian students. Interns who work hard are recognized and rewarded. In fact, some of Ottawa's most senior staff members are former Conservative Party interns.

To be eligible to be a Conservative Party Intern, you must be enrolled in a post-secondary institution as of 2014 and be a member of the Conservative Party.

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