Congratulating the Curling Champs

Curling has been part of our culture for more than a century and is a sport that brings communities together.

I want to congratulate Lois Fowler, Maureen Bonar, Cathy Gauthier, Allyson Stewart and Coach Brian Fowler on winning the Canadian Senior Women's Curling Championship this past weekend.

All of Manitoba is proud of Lois and her team. She has long yearned for a national championship and I know she could feel the entire province was cheering her on.

Lois and her team have once again shown the country that Manitobans are not to be taken lightly when it comes to curling.

We wish them the best of luck as they represent our nation at the Senior Curling Championships in 2015.

I'd also like to congratulate Kelly Robertson's Neepawa based team of Doug Armour, Peter Prokopowich and Bob Scales on being silver finalists at the Senior Men's Championship.

And I'll take the risk in saying that Southwestern Manitoba has more curlers per capita than any other region in Canada.

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