Common Sense Has Prevailed on CBSA Rules

We've changed the law so Lake Metigoshe boaters no longer have to report into Canada Border Security Agency (CBSA) every time they cross the international border on the lake.

Thanks to all the folks down at Lake Metigoshe who helped push this issue since day one.

Due to our Conservative team in Parliament, we passed S-233, so the Customs Act now states that anyone leaving Canadian waters, including inland waters is exempted from presenting themselves or reporting in to CBSA as long as they did not land on American territory.

I am proud of our Conservative team who shepherded this legislation through Parliament.

This change will save tax dollars and people's time, while also allowing CBSA to focus on more pressing matters than someone trolling for Walleye.

As you may recall, I met with representatives from the Minister of Public Safety's office to stress the need to update the Customs Act so boaters and cottagers do not need to report to Canada Border Services every time they cross back into Canadian territory on bodies of water that straddle the international border.

This issue has been a thorn in the side of Canadian residents at Lake Metigoshe who frequently boat, fish, ski, or tube on the American side of the lake.

The issue of calling into Canada Border Services was brought up in 2016 after Lake Metigoshe cottagers were told the lake was designated as a Telephone Reporting Site where boaters were told they had to report in when crossing back into Canada.

Many residents expressed their frustration and did not believe the system would do much to enhance security, particularly if all one is doing is fishing and not leaving their boat.

I will fight for Westman residents and common sense measures at every turn because that is why you elected me.

I will continue to be a strong voice for our region and ensure that our voice is heard loud and clear in Ottawa.

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