China Blocking Canadian Canola Imports

In a retaliatory move against Canada, China has canceled the canola import permit for one of Canada's largest grain processors, Winnipeg-based Richardson International.

Approximately 40% of Canadian canola exports go to China, with a value of approximately $3.6 billion in 2017.

Without a doubt, Canadian farmers produce the highest quality canola in the world.

I am very concerned about the impacts that these baseless actions by the Chinese will have on Westman farmers.

The issue at hand is not Canada’s canola product.  Canada produces the best canola in the world.

Rather, this calls into question Justin Trudeau’s ongoing failure to handle Canada’s relationship with China.

The 43,000 Canadian canola farmers are paying for Justin Trudeau’s mistakes on the world stage.

I am calling on Justin Trudeau to stand up for Canada’s canola industry and demand that the Chinese government stop these baseless actions against Canada’s agriculture sector. 

We must get this dispute resolved and Justin Trudeau can start by appointing an Ambassador to China.

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