Liberals Want to Eliminate the Ability of Farmers to Defer Cash Tickets

Tucked away in the Liberal’s latest budget was a sentence about how they are considering eliminating the ability of Westman farmers to defer cash tickets to the following tax year.  Now if you’ve never farmed you might not have heard of this issue, however if the Trudeau Liberals eliminate the ability for Manitoba farmers to defer cash tickets, it could be financially disastrous for many families.


The current cash purchase ticket system helps farmers to stabilize income from year to year to ensure the long term sustainability of their operation.  If farmers can no longer defer cash tickets for their crops, it will limit their ability to sell their crops on their own time frame and to cash manage their income and operating expenses.


Running a farm operation is no easy task. It means taking serious financial risks, while dealing with conditions outside of your control, such as the weather, market prices or rail system delays. A farmer could have a bumper crop one year, and a drought the next. The current system allows for some flexibility in dealing with these fluctuations by preparing for things outside of their control and filing taxes accordingly.

This Liberal proposal will not only impact the farm operation owners either. Without the flexibility to cash manage their operations, they will have to make tough decisions on whether or not to hire or lay off any seasonal employees they may employ.


The Liberals are currently holding so-called consultations with farmers regarding their proposal to eliminate the provision that allows farmers to defer cash ticket purchases of listed grains to the subsequent tax year. The consultations are open from now until May 24th.  Either the Liberals are so unaware of when farmers are busy seeding, or they are intentionally doing this when they know farmers are more focussed on earning a living than dealing with harmful government proposals.


Manitoba farmers deserve to have their voices heard. If you farm or deal with farmers, I highly encourage you to make your views known on this important issue. If you know somebody who farms, please encourage them to submit their views.


I understand many Manitoba farmers are preparing your machinery and anxiously waiting to get into the fields. Your email does not have to be too lengthy or detailed, but your voice does need to be heard.

If enough farmers share their reasons why the cash purchase ticket deferral is valuable to their operations, the Liberals will have to back down. If farmers do not step up, the Liberals will undoubtedly eliminate this provision, and hurt farmers that are already working with thin margins, and harm the rural communities they support.


Please share this far and wide and make sure that our farmers make their views heard loud and clear to this Liberal government, before it is too late.


To share your thoughts on the Liberals eliminating the ability for Manitoba farmers to defer cash tickets, send an email to: [email protected] and please CC me at my personal email:
[email protected]

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