What will the Liberal Carbon Tax Cost?

Prime Minister Trudeau and the Liberal government are doing everything in their power to keep Westman taxpayers in the dark on how much money their carbon tax will take out of their bank accounts.  In fact, they even went as far as voting down a motion asking for the financial information to be revealed to Parliament.  It begs the question, what are the Liberals hiding?

In the last election, the Liberals ran on a very specific pledge to provide information to the public.  The Liberal platform stated and I quote, “government data and information should be open by default, in formats that are modern and easy to use.”  Not only are they breaking this solemn promise, they are asking for Members of Parliament to vote in favour of their carbon tax without telling anyone what it will cost.

There is no denying the Liberal carbon tax is a significant shift in public policy. While they use euphemisms such as “leadership” to describe how they broached this issue with the provinces, the word “threatened” would be far more accurate.

What we do know is their byzantine carbon tax is going to be complex. They have to set aside $109 million dollars over five years for the CRA and Environment Canada to administer and enforce their carbon tax. 

For a carbon tax that is supposedly now in the hands of the provinces, why is it going to cost the federal government over $100 million to just administer it?

Without a doubt, this Liberal carbon tax will be one of the largest tax grabs in recent history.  It will raise the price of food.  It will raise the price of electricity.  It will raise the price of the fuel we put in our vehicles. 

And what is the result?  It means that already stretched family budgets are going to be hit once again.  Even worse than this, however, we don’t really know the long-lasting financial impact because they won’t tell us.

We know they have the financial information as we have received papers that were heavily redacted.  They were just awfully liberal in using their black sharpies to cover up the important bits, such as what their carbon tax will actually cost.  From their actions, the only logical conclusion is it must be a lot. 

In Westman, almost half of the people I represent live in rural communities.  Many are farmers and their families have lived on the same yard site for over a century. Many also live in small communities and have to drive long distances to drop their kids off at hockey practice or music lessons, go to work and in some cases; they have to drive many kilometres for essentials like groceries and to pick up the mail.

If we applied a rural lens on this Liberal carbon tax, it is beyond a shadow of a doubt that those who live outside of urban centres will be disproportionately impacted by it.  While rural communities are already challenged by the mere fact of their geographic location, they can now add Liberal policies to the list of things of which they need to be vigilant.

The Liberal government needs to be transparent with their carbon tax.  Westman residents should know what the carbon tax will cost them.  And taxpayers of our great country deserve no less from their dually elected government.

I cannot in good conscience support such a massive change in policy or blindly follow along when there has been almost zero evidence provided in terms of concrete numbers. While there are those who sit in the Liberal government’s benches that will go along to get along, I will not. 

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