Call for Proposals to Improve Accessibility

Local community groups, municipalities, and small businesses in Westman are encouraged to submit proposals through the Enabling Accessibility Fund for projects that will help improve accessibility in community facilities for people with disabilities. The deadline for submitting proposals is July 26, 2018.

It is important that we improve accessibility so everyone in our communities can fully participate in society. Many buildings and facilities in Westman have been upgraded through the Enabling Accessibility Fund and we must continue to improve the quality of life of all local residents.

Projects such as renovating community facilities where programs and/or services are offered to people with disabilities and providing information and communications technologies to make them more accessible for the community are eligible for funding.  Since its creation in 2007, the program has funded thousands of projects across the country and has improved accessibility for thousands of Canadians.

Examples of eligible accessibility project activities include, but are not limited to:

  • add and/or retrofit recreational structures to ensure they are accessible to children with disabilities and build an accessible path which provides access to people with disabilities from the entrance of a public park that includes recreational spaces for children;
  • installation of a lift in an organization where services are provided to veterans with disabilities, to provide access to the floor where the services are offered;
  • a senior organization that offers art classes dedicated to seniors with disabilities, retrofit washrooms to ensure they are accessible to seniors with disabilities;
  • installation of an access ramp and automated power door openers to enable the access of seniors with disabilities to the common living room of a lodge or group home;
  • renovations to widen hallways and doorways in common areas that are too narrow for a person using a wheelchair, electric scooter or walker in a public facility;

Eligible recipients for this program are:

  • not-for-profit organizations;
  • small businesses (maximum 99 full-time equivalent employees);
  • small municipalities (population under 125,000 as per census data);


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