Westman Recommendations to Combat Rural Crime

After five successful rural crime townhalls, I have submitted recommendations to the Public Safety Committee for their current study on rural crime, as per Motion 167, which was adopted by the House. The Committee has heard from expert witnesses on ways to improve rural crime prevention and to curb emerging crime rates, but I wanted to talk to Westman residents and local RCMP members directly, to hear what their ideas and recommendations were.

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Debt & Deficits

I recently spoke in Parliament in favour of a motion which called on the need for the Minister of Finance to tell Canadians in which year the federal budget will be balanced.  Later that day, every single Liberal MP voted against the motion, meaning that Parliament and taxpayers will not be told of the government’s plans to balance the budget.

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Passport Clinic in Virden

On Saturday, December 1st I am hosting a Passport Clinic at the Sacred Heart Roman Catholic Church in Virden from 10:00am to 2:00pm.  Come to this one-stop shop where staff will be available to assist you in either renewing or becoming a first time passport holder.  A photographer will also be available for your passport photos and my office will mail your passport application on your behalf.  

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5 Rural Crime Townhalls

During my next constituency week, I will be hosting 5 rural crime townhalls.  This is in response to the Public Safety Committee doing an in-depth study on rural crime.

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It's Time to Fix the Tax Code

Calling on the Government to Reverse the Transfer of Tori Stafford's Killer to a Healing Lodge

Improving Accessibility for Canadians with Disabilities

Liberals Putting a Murderer Ahead of Veterans

You Just Bought a Pipeline

When Justin Trudeau became Prime Minister, three major energy companies had pipeline projects in the works – Northern Gateway, Energy East and Trans Mountain – they were prepared to build in Canada.  Now thanks to Liberal policies and decisions we have none that are ready to go forward.

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All are welcome to attend Townhall on Border Crossers

As you’ve seen in the news, the issue of how the Liberal government is handling the influx of the 30,000 people who have walked across the border to claim asylum, continues to be a major public policy issue.

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