Time for the Prime Minister to pay back Taxpayers

Last week, I spoke to the House about the Prime Minister's misuse of tax dollars. It is time for the Prime Minister to pay back Taxpayers.

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Maguire to host 6 budget consultation meetings in Westman

I am inviting everyone to any of the six upcoming budget consultation meetings next week across Westman.

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Raising Killarney Lake in Parliament

Time to End the Credit Union Calamity

This past week I threw my full support behind Bill C-379, which if passed, would amend the Bank Act to allow the use of the words “bank”, “banker” and “banking” by Credit Unions that are provincially regulated.

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Paying Tribute to the Heroes of the Virden Inferno

Liberals Failing to Address Illegal Border Crossings

At committee last week I asked pointed questions during a parliamentary committee to Liberal Ministers on their government’s response to the illegal border crossings by asylum seekers. The Standing Committee on Citizenship and Immigration invited Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen and Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale to brief Members of Parliament and to make themselves available for questions.

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Liberals Vote Down Motion to Extend Tax Consultations

Last week I voted in the House of Commons to extend the consultations on the proposed Liberal tax hikes for businesses and farm families. The Conservative Party introduced the motion to extend the consultation deadline to January 31, 2018; however the Trudeau Liberals refused and defeated the motion. 

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Standing up for Westman Credit Unions

Liberals are hiding costs of marijuana legalization

Earlier this summer I wrote the Parliamentary Budget Officer (PBO) requesting a costing analysis for implementing the Liberal government’s legislation to legalize marijuana. I received a response from the PBO last month describing both a lack of transparency by the Liberal government and an intention to offload costs onto provinces to meet the deadline for legalization of July 1, 2018.

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Seniors Passport Clinic in Brandon

Pleased to announce that I will be hosting a Passport Clinic in Brandon on Tuesday, August 22nd at Seniors for Seniors from 9am to 12pm for postal codes R7A and R7C, and 1pm to 4pm for R7B and other postal codes.  

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