UNIFOR Puts Fuel Supplies at Risk

The illegal actions of UNIFOR, such as blockading an oil refinery and numerous fuel terminals across the prairies, is causing fuel shortages. 

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Liberals must exempt farmers from carbon tax

While the Liberal government promised to exempt agriculture from their carbon tax, it’s still being applied to the natural gas and propane used to dry grain.

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Standing Up for Westman's Law Abiding Firearm Owners

In the fall, I took the Firearms Safety Course for both my PAL and RPAL.

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Grain Drying Must be Exempt from the Liberal Carbon Tax

Dan Mazier and I are teaming up to call on the Liberal government to immediately exempt farmers from paying the carbon tax to dry their grain and to reimburse the taxes collected to date.

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Maguire Sworn In and Chosen as Manitoba Caucus Chair

Parliament is back in session!

I was recently sworn in as your Member of Parliament and I want to send out a huge thank you to the people of Brandon-Souris for allowing me to serve them again.

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Brandon-Souris Christmas Open House

I would like to invite you to my annual Christmas Open House on:

Monday, December 16th

11:00AM to 2:00PM

Constituency Office

Unit B - 658 10th Street

Brandon, MB

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FACT CHECK: Justin Trudeau on the Ethics Commissioner’s Report into the SNC-Lavalin corruption scandal

Justin Trudeau has been misleading Canadians every step of the way during the SNC-Lavalin scandal.

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Apply Now for Seniors Projects

Proposals for the New Horizons for Seniors Program are now open until June 21st.

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Auditor General Gives Liberals Failing Grade on Processing Asylum Claims

The Auditor General released their spring report, which involved a chapter on whether the Liberal government efficiently processed asylum claims. The Auditor General was clear: the government, “did not process asylum claims in an efficient and timely manner.”

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Immediate Action Needed to Restore Canola Trade with China

Yesterday I attended a press conference with Andrew Scheer, where he outlined three immediate and concrete steps to restore Canada’s canola trade with China.

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