Conservative Party Internship Program

Are you interested to know about how Parliament works? Every summer, the Conservative Party organizes an internship program in Ottawa and immerses students into Member of Parliament's and Minister's offices.

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Meeting With Caucus

Today I attended my first Manitoba caucus meeting. I'm honoured to be working with such great colleagues from across our Province.

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Working to End Cyberbullying

With today's technological advances, cyberbullying is unfortunately becoming increasingly prevalent in Canadian society. Cyberbullying is a form of bullying, in which aggression towards another is done through electronic means. A form of cyberbullying that uses new communication technologies to distribute intimate images without the consent of the person depicted is taking bullying way beyond the school yard. Once online, images or information can spread quickly and often uncontrollably, as it may also be permanently available on the Internet.

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Putting Victims First

Our Conservative Government is committed to helping keep our streets and communities safe. We've acted on our strong mandate from Canadians by passing important legislation to deliver on our commitments. At the same time, we recognize that the job isn't done. We have a plan to take further action on several issues, including how the justice system reacts to serious violent crimes committed by individuals who are found Not Criminally Responsible (NCR) for an offence.

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Safer Travel

Recently, our Conservative Government announced that Canadians will be able to take advantage of our new and more secure 10-year ePassport when travelling abroad.

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Speech from the Throne

Canadians gave our Conservative Government a mandate two years ago, a mandate to support job creation, keep taxes low and help make our streets and communities safer. With the support of our Economic Action Plan, Canada has created approximately one million net new jobs since the depths of the global economic recession, the best job-creation record in the G7. Yet, the job isn't done. Our natural wealth, sound finances and the ingenuity of Canadians are aligned to create Canada's moment. We must seize that moment and build on what Canada has accomplished.

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Farmer's Market on Sundays

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farmers market orangesOur community has a great Farmer's Market every Sunday from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. in the library parking lot. Fresh produce is sold by area farmers, like these tasty oranges sold by Mrs. Patel.

Communications Director John Woo is about to sample Mrs. Patel's oranges. He thought they were so delicious, he bought two bags to share with the volunteers in our campaign office.

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