Bill C-234 Will Make Home Security More Affordable for Canadians

Last night in Parliament, I spoke in favour of Bill C-234, which was introduced by my friend and Conservative colleague Randy Hoback, the MP for Prince Albert.
If passed, this legislation will create a Home Security Tax Credit.
This tax credit would be applied to the installation, maintenance, and monitoring of a security system installed on an individual’s property to monitor structures such as homes, garages, and barns.
The maximum dollar amount eligible for tax credit application would be $5,000 per year.
In 2019, I hosted 5 Rural Crime Townhalls, and based on the ideas put forward by local residents, I submitted 13 policy recommendations to the Public Safety Committee.
Long story short, after 8 Committee meetings, the Liberals at the time used their majority to ensure the report contained absolutely nothing of substance.
In all my years in politics, I have never seen a Committee report that was as thin and meaningless as this.
The Liberals didn’t allow a single recommendation to be included in the report, and after hearing from multiple witnesses, the entire report was just two and half pages long.
While I don’t know how much it cost to do this study, I suspect that each word in that report cost over $100.
Worse yet, due to the Committee report being so short, it prevented opposition parties from including substantive dissenting reports.
One of those 13 ideas I submitted was to provide financial assistance so people can install security systems to better protect themselves and their property.
Bill C-234 does just that, which is why I will vote in favour of the legislation.

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