5 Rural Crime Townhalls

During my next constituency week, I will be hosting 5 rural crime townhalls.  This is in response to the Public Safety Committee doing an in-depth study on rural crime.

The Conservative caucus in Parliament initiated a study at the Public Safety Committee, which is currently in the process of doing a deep dive into rural policing and crime prevention.  Motion 167, which instructed the Committee to launch the study, was spearheaded from rural Conservative MPs from across the country who are concerned about the recent increase in crime statistics.

The study includes but not limited to:

(i) Current rural crime rates and trends;

(ii) Existing RCMP and other policing resources and policies in rural, remote, and Indigenous communities, particularly in relation to population density, policing geographic area, and staff shortages;

(iii) Current partnerships with provincial, municipal, and Indigenous police forces, and; 

(iv) Possible recommendations to improve rural crime prevention and to curb emerging crime rates, and that the Committee report its findings to the House within six months of the adoption of this motion.

I invite you to come share your personal story on how rural crime has impacted you, as well as your ideas on this study. 

At the townhalls, we will discuss the latest crime statistics and will gather ideas from local residents to present to Parliament. 

Residents can RSVP to the townhalls by emailing [email protected] or by calling my Parliamentary office at 613-995-9372.

The times and locations of the townhalls:

Pilot Mound, MB
Monday, November 12th at 7PM
Pilot Mound Fellowship Club
203 Broadway Street

Virden, MB
Tuesday, November 13th at 7PM
Sacred Heart Roman Catholic Church
471 Queen Street West

Killarney, MB
Wednesday, November 14th at 7PM
Banquet Room at the Blarney Stone
531 Williams Ave

Melita, MB
Thursday, November 15th at 7PM
Legion Memorial Hall
95 Main Street

Souris, MB
Sunday, November 18th at 7PM
Kirkup Lounge at the Souris Glenwood Complex at 7PM
27 Third Ave West

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