What Does it Mean to be Free?

Governments are good at spending money. This is what should concern taxpayers

The easiest thing for a government to do is to spend money, because it is not its money. When cabinet ministers show up in communities with speeches and announcements, it is not that they are donating the money out of their own pockets. It is that the government has made a political decision to spend taxpayers' money on a particular expenditure.


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Get Grain Moving

The Liberals need to reinstate our previous Conservative government's measures and get grain moving now.

Watch my video below.

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9 Ideas for Budget 2018

It seems like it has become tradition to send the Minister of Finance a number of ideas to be included in the federal budget. In each letter, the importance of fiscal responsibility is stressed as it is widely known the Liberal government immediately broke their campaign promise to only run small deficits and return to a balanced budget in 2019.

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He has money for everyone else but Veterans

It’s starting to feel like the movie Groundhog Day, as once again Parliament is debating a motion about the Prime Minister’s questionable conduct.

No More Dithering

I am calling on the Government to put away their buzzwords and naivety and table a plan to get Trans Mountain built.

And to those unemployed energy sector workers sitting at home watching this debate, our Conservative caucus will always have your back.

Check out my speech below. 

Time for the Prime Minister to pay back Taxpayers

Last week, I spoke to the House about the Prime Minister's misuse of tax dollars. It is time for the Prime Minister to pay back Taxpayers.

Check out my video below.

Maguire to host 6 budget consultation meetings in Westman

I am inviting everyone to any of the six upcoming budget consultation meetings next week across Westman.

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Raising Killarney Lake in Parliament

Time to End the Credit Union Calamity

This past week I threw my full support behind Bill C-379, which if passed, would amend the Bank Act to allow the use of the words “bank”, “banker” and “banking” by Credit Unions that are provincially regulated.

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