Supporting Westman's Energy Workers

I support our oil and gas sector workers - the roughnecks, the truck drivers, the heavy equipment operators and everyone who works behind the scenes.

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Only the beginning...

“Witch hunt.”

If you thought Donald Trump uttered those words, you would be wrong.

It came directly out of the mouth of a Liberal MP during yesterday’s emergency Justice Committee meeting.

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Will the truth set the PM free?

“Events, dear boy, events.” - Harold Macmillan

Since the Globe and Mail rocked the political world last Thursday, the chattering classes who follow Canadian politics have had more than enough to keep them busy (except Gerald Butts somehow found time yesterday to tweet about Iranian social media trolls).

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As the PMO turns

So, how serious are the allegations that the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) pressured the Attorney General to give SNC Lavalin a sweetheart deal?

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Canada must diversify who we sell our oil to

Today's deficits are tomorrow's taxes

Every year Justin Trudeau runs deficits, he is borrowing money from future generations. 

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Christmas Open House

I would like to invite you to my annual Christmas Open House on:

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PBO Reveals Cost of Border Crossers

Westman Recommendations to Combat Rural Crime

After five successful rural crime townhalls, I have submitted recommendations to the Public Safety Committee for their current study on rural crime, as per Motion 167, which was adopted by the House. The Committee has heard from expert witnesses on ways to improve rural crime prevention and to curb emerging crime rates, but I wanted to talk to Westman residents and local RCMP members directly, to hear what their ideas and recommendations were.

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Debt & Deficits

I recently spoke in Parliament in favour of a motion which called on the need for the Minister of Finance to tell Canadians in which year the federal budget will be balanced.  Later that day, every single Liberal MP voted against the motion, meaning that Parliament and taxpayers will not be told of the government’s plans to balance the budget.

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